Q: Why did you write this book?

A: Wine has been known as a healthy drink for over 8000 years, and wine drinking worldwide has become very popular in the last two decades. At the same time, there has been a sizable amount clinical data showing that there are significant health benefits as well as risks to the enjoyment of wine. There also have been many studies showing that there are many differences between men and women regarding the health benefits as well as risks. Yet, there is not a single up-to-date book to give women solid advice on how to enjoy wine, while at the same time reaping the health benefits and avoiding the risks.

 I wrote this book because my background has given me the perfect opportunity to write such a book. I have been interested in wine for over 40 years. I am a master winemaker, an organic chemist [PhD] and most importantly, I am a board-certified obstetrician gynecologist with over 30 years of clinical experience in helping women.

Based on my significant and unique background, I was able to take the latest scientific data and synthesize it into useful information for all women who enjoy wine – to enjoy it safely and with health benefits rather than risks. This book is the Bible for all women who enjoy wine. It establishes rules for the individual woman’s unique situation – to be able to know and understand the history as well as the current medical science as it applies to their particular unique situation – to enjoy drinking wine, finding and drinking the most healthy wine, to have a healthy wine tasting party and even to make healthy wine.

Q: Who is your intended audience?

A: Women of all ages will enjoy wine, and those who love them.

Q: How does your book benefit the reader?

A: This book is intended to educate all women who enjoy wine – on every aspect of optimizing the health aspects of wine individualized to their particular situation. The book is organized into four sections so that all readers – men and women – will be able to reap benefits from this depending on their specific interests.

The main section of the book is devoted to all medical aspects of wine drinking for women. This is the most important part of the book. Another section is devoted to the history of the health benefits of wine, and to the science and chemistry of wine. This is a very interesting aspect of the health aspects of wine and will be particularly interesting to those geeks and nerds who really want to know all the different aspects of this topic. Another section deals with the practical aspects of healthy wine drinking – how to choose the healthiest wine, how to have a healthy wine tasting party, how to make the healthiest wines and even discusses a healthy wine collection. Finally, there is a focused reading list for those who wish to know some of the most respected reading material in this area.

This book will benefit any reader – woman or man – of any age – who has an interest in healthy wine drinking. There is no other book like it. It is the Bible for women who wish to enjoy the health benefits of one of the healthiest drinks in nature.

Q: Where else have you been published?

A: I have published numerous articles and periodicals both in the areas of chemistry and medicine. I have authored several book chapters including two chapters on herbs in pregnancy-both in medical textbooks. My recent book, “The Perfect Menopause – Seven Steps to the Best Time of Your Life” is a national bestseller. I also lecture nationally on the topics of menopause, hormones and hormone imbalances, natural therapies as well as on the topic of aging women and men. I am also working on another book, “The Perfect Menopause II:  Beyond the Hot Flash.”  This book will focus on and discuss the meaningful issues for the next steps for the menopausal woman, including strategies for successful aging and the prevention of disease.

Q: Where can I purchase your book?

A: The book is currently available as a paperback book and an e-book. You can order it at Amazon.com, or A5ozGlass.com. It will be soon be available at your local bookstore.



Q: What kind of effect did writing this book have on you personally?

A: Daily in my clinical practice I see the positive effects of this knowledge on the women who come to my office for medical care. To know that this information and approach will reach and significantly help millions of other women has been the fulfillment of one of my life’s goals.

In my lifetime, I have had the privilege of working under the guidance of two Nobel Prize laureates. This had a tremendous influence on me personally. My subsequent privilege working with thousands of women in my medical practice encourages me to continue the pursuit of excellence.  My desire is to excel in both in the acquisition of knowledge through research and the translation of that into basic principles from which women can benefit.

Q: What makes your book more significant than other books that have been written on this topic?

A: There is no other book written on this topic and with this information. It is the Bible for women to reap the health benefits of wine, while avoiding the risks. This is a must read for all women and those who love them.

Q: How are other health professionals responding to your book?

A: This is a very important question! Many – most of my colleagues have congratulated me on writing this book and have told me how grateful they are that I have educated them on this topic.  Some of them knew that there were health benefits to drinking red wine, but had no idea to what extent and that there were risks. Almost all of my colleagues even OB/GYN’s were surprised to learn about the hormone aspects of drinking wine. And many of them knew only vaguely about the breast cancer risks. Every single one of my colleagues whom I have discussed this book with, or asked to review it, mentioned the great benefit of having it individualized to each woman’s personal circumstances.

They are grateful for the new rules of drinking wine for women to enjoy wine!

In addition, these medical providers, including OB/GYN’s nationally who know me, tell me that they are not surprised that I wrote this book and also told me that with my background and interests, I was the ideal person to bring this topic into the open making it available so that all women can benefit.

Many of them told me the same thing when I wrote the book, “The Perfect Menopause.”

 In addition, this book comes at a unique time in history. A little more than 20 years ago, Morley Safer presented to the country on the television program, “60 Minutes” that red wine has health benefits, especially cardiovascular benefits – a disease from which most of us will die. This unique aspect of red wine in promoting the health benefits was termed, “The French Paradox.”

In the interim, the connection between the alcohol in wine and hormone stimulation in women, as well as a potential risk to breast cancer, has been well publicized. Also, this year, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [ACOG] has written that “Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death for women.”

What is the woman who enjoys wine to think?
And – what is the health professional to think?

Finally, a book that answers all the questions and present guidelines for women to reap the health benefits of wine, while avoiding the risks. It is true – the rules have changed – and in this book we have defined the new rules, based on the latest scientific knowledge, to help women as well as their health-care providers – understand and then prescribe the health benefits of wine for women.

Q: What is the one most important thing you would like to get across to women from your book?

A: To enjoy all the health benefits of wine – and learn to limit the intake to A 5 oz Glass of red wine per day.

Q: What is the one action you would like me to take as a result of what I read in your book?

A: If you would share this information with one family member or one friend I would be elated!  Share the new rules of enjoying the health benefits of wine for women and become a Healthy Wine Diva! Many people only take action after they receive unhealthy news – we want to change that paradigm! Learn to be healthy and stay healthy!


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