Don’t Have Another Glass of Wine
Until You Read this Book!

Drinking Wine is Much Different
for Women and Men

The answers have changed!

In this book, Dr. Henry Hess, an obstetrician-gynecologist, chemist,   national menopause expert and master winemaker explains all the latest answers. In this book, you will learn the secrets of the health benefits of wine, as well as how to maximize the health benefits and minimize the health risks.

Do you know?

      1. Wine was discovered by a woman!
        She found wine cured (not caused)her headache!
      2. Women metabolize and experience wine differently than men
      3. Hormones affect the health benefits and risks of wine
      4. The amount of wine that you drink is critically important to your health.
      5. Exactly how to drink wine for health benefits.
      6. What wines are healthier, and why
      7. How to enjoy a healthy wine tasting party, and even make healthy wines!
      8. A 5 ounce glassof wine can improve:
        1. Your heart health
        2. Prevent bone loss
        3. Delay aging
        4. Your love life
        5. Sleep
        6. Weight loss
        7. Foggy brain

And much more!  This is an up-to-date must read book for all women who want to know the latest and very best ways to enjoy the health benefits of nature’s healthiest drink.


5 oz Glass_Hess

A 5 oz Glass

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